Bangalore had not originally been on our travel list for India but Stu’s mate, Dave, was going to be there at the same time and they wanted to catch up. We found ourselves a cute Hostel called ‘Electric Cats’ and set ourselves up there for 3 nights.

Electric cats was definitely a good find. While a little pricey, the vibe of the place was what made it. It had a good rooftop where everyone would get in the evenings to discuss with the owner what plans for going out were and 3 kitties how lived up there who were always happy for a pat.

The first night the hostel was going to a few bars nearby, but we had made plans in the city to meet Vaisha and Dave so we bowed out of the festivities. Vaisha had grown up in Bangalore so she was keen to take us to a few bars that were her favourites. We met up at Pecos, a little dive bar serving great food and reasonably priced beers in the heart of the city. It didn’t take long for all of us to be chatting and drinking happily and we stayed at the bar most of the night. We went to a little spot just down the road for a few gins once everyone was tired of beer and by 11 we were all ready to make the journey home.

The next day the gins seemed to catch us up a bit, so we spent a good portion of the morning eating, drinking water and hugging the cats. We roused ourselves by midday and headed into town to check out commercial road (lots of little shops selling all manner of things for super cheap prices) and to walk around the central park. As evening came it started to cool right off and it was nice to need to pull on a jacket for the walk home. We got back to the hostel to find that they had organised for everyone to go to a club where there was a DJ someone knew. We had planned to stay in, but the buzz on the roof got to us and we soon found ourselves dressed up, beer in hand and ready to hit the clubs.

The club was situated on the rooftop of a shopping mall! It was open air and  had sweeping views of the city and in the cool night breeze it was the perfect way to end a day.

The drinks were expensive, so we only had a couple each as we danced to deep house amongst both expats and trendy young Indians. The whole thing was very Metropolitan and showed us the way that India seems to be moving for its future.

The next day we had plans to meet up with Dave and Vaisha again, so we headed into town to have lunch at one of Viashas favourite restaurants, Nagarjuna and meet their son Zia. The food was amazing and definitely tested our ability to eat spice! Mouths slightly on fire we headed to a bar close by to try their signature Masala cocktail. As afternoon rolled round Zia needed a nap and Dave needed to head home to prepare for a comedy gig later that night so we parted ways with plans to watch the comedy gig later in the evening.

The comedy gig went well and Dave had the Indian audience in stitches. All of us, tired from a few big days and nights had one drink and then went our separate ways with the plan to meet early the next day so that we could head to Vaishas parents house and meet her family.

FullSizeRender 40.jpg

The next day was spent eating, meeting people and chilling in their family home. We had the night bus to catch at 8 around for Hampi so we hitched a lift back into town with Dave and went to the hostel to say our thankyous and goodbyes (and to get a little more love from the cats for me!) before heading to the bus stop.


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