Goa… undoubtedly known as the place to go if you want sun, sand and parties and Anjuna potentially the heart of this scene. With clubs lining the beaches, cheap drinks and cheap accomodation it attracts backpackers and the young at heart.

On a tip from our friends we headed for Paradise Guest house, on the road leading to sunset point. The Guest house is laid back, has good beds, your own patio with chairs and table, HOT water (a super bonus) and about a dozen cute kitties and dogs roaming around ready to give you love. As it is not right near the clubs on the main beach, it is also quiet and the restaurants are not as overpriced.

Anjuna is also a place where it is best to rent a scooter. The beaches within walking distance are fine, but usually they are very busy and with all the clubs they can be rather noisy. If you’re looking for secluded, less touristic beaches they are all half hour south. We unfortunately didn’t get a bike a the tummy bug got Stu, so staying local seemed a must.

We decided to spend the first day in town and forego scooters and spend it exploring the town. The part of Anjuna where our guesthouse was situated was mainly restaurants and a few clothing stores and while it didn’t have a swimming beach its bay possessed lovely views of the coast.

After eating at Dum Biryani, which served up delicious curries and cold beers for a very reasonable price (for Anjuna anyhow) our day took a weird turn when we met a man called ‘Richard’.

FullSizeRender 32.jpg

Richard was – to say the least – was eccentric. Dressed in the above attire we weren’t too sure about him when he first approached if I am honest. However, after talking to Stu about music for a few minutes and having a bit of a laugh we decided he was just a bit of fun. He invited us to a friends birthday down the road and it seemed rude of us not to go.

The party was good fun. His friend’s greeted us with a cocktail as we arrived and invited us to join in the feast they were eating. We sat and chatted over drinks as the afternoon wound into dusk and then departed the party with Richard as he felt he needed to show us the sunset at the beach down the road. The sunset was lovely, and we had enjoyed the day but were ready to be left to our own devices again. Richard, however, was more than reluctant to finish our chats and it took a slightly awkward chai and ever increasingly strange conversation at a shop down the road before we were able to get ourselves home. But the day definitely was one we will remember and a reminder that sometimes it’s good to give people and experiences a chance even where you normally wouldn’t.

The next day was spent exploring the beach strip where all of the clubs pump out music day and night and if you are willing to bargain will give you a relatively cheap drink. A few hours of reading, drinking and having a dip in the ocean we headed back towards our accomodation to shower and get ready for Anjunas rather famous night markets.

If you’ve ever been to a night market and thought ‘wow, this is the best night market I’ve been too’ you may want to hold that remark until you have tried this one. The Goa night market is massive and sells almost anything you care to think of including clothes, jewellery, tea, bags, hammock – you name it, you’ll probably find it. On top of that it has dozens of delicious eateries and around 5 open air nightclubs. Yep, you heard me, night clubs and they play anything from current hits to deep house so there is something for everyone to boogy too. The markets are also open until the wee hours of the morning, with the official closing time 4am.

Stu and I had a blast, and unfortunately didn’t take the camera! But we shopped, listened to live music over dinner and then boogied until our feet couldn’t dance anymore and headed for home rather late. This was also the fateful night where Stu – hungry from dancing- ate my leftover curry that had not been in a fridge. Poor guy was not well that night and suffered the next two days, so we didn’t get up to much except for a bit of blogging and rest.

After a day of bed rest, Stu was a bit better and we headed for our next Goa stop, Palolem.


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